Golf Course Design to Construction & Maintenance: Servicing all your needs!

Be it a new golf course or remodelling of an existing one, our goal is to produce a golf course that is sustainable & easy to maintain and memorable & enjoyable to play for golfers of all levels. We believe in working closely with our clients throughout the development process to ensure we deliver Golf Courses that best fit the project & site requirements every time


Golf Course Design

Golf Design India provides comprehensive golf course design & consultancy services for golf based projects. Our services include project planning, land use planning, master planning, creating plans & drawings, all other construction documentation, full on-site support & construction observation, and consultancy for the overall project. We follow a detailed & meticulous process for each project to ensure that the potential of the site & project are maximized & our clients receive the best services possible.


Golf Course Construction

Golf Design India undertakes golf course construction projects on turn-key bases. Our construction team includes highly skilled experts who have decades of experience in the golf industry and have successfully completed dozens of golf courses construction & re development projects all across the country. Our detailed & sustainable approach to golf course development helps us save our clients money & resources whilst delivering high class golf courses every time.


Remodeling / Redesign of Existing Golf Courses

Golf Design India has provided golf courses remodeling and improvement services to numerous golf courses across the country. Our expertise & experience in this field has helped us earn a reputation for being golf course remodeling experts & our custom made golf courses remodeling solutions have helped many top golf courses in India in Upgrading/ Renovating their facilities.


Project Construction Management / Site Supervision

Golf Design India provides project construction management services for golf projects which involves overall management of the project, coordination of all tasks, scheduling of works etc. We to ensure that the construction of the project is correctly & accurately done and that the execution is in line with the budget & time schedule for the project.


Short Course / Executive Golf Course Development

For projects where land or other resources are a constraint, we offer unique solutions for building executive or short courses. These courses usually have lesser total par value and yardage than regular golf courses and thus can be fit in smaller parcels of land. We have built many such courses for multiple real estate developers all across the country and our creations have added great value to the overall projects of our clients.


Golf Course Maintenance & Operations Management

Golf Courses India provides complete golf course maintenance & operations services of golf courses. These services include creation of long term & short term maintenance plans, work schedules, checklists and covers cover programs on all agronomical, management & operational aspects of a golf course. Our golf course maintenance & operations team include operators, technicians, irrigation experts, chemical experts, supervisors, driving range operators, starters.


Driving Range/ Practice Academy Development

Golf Design India prides itself in providing unique ideas and concepts for development of practice academies that can be modeled to fit any size of land and any financial budget. The company also undertakes complete practice academy development on turnkey basis.


Golf Course Marketing Management

We provide our clients with post construction marketing management services that include formulating marketing strategies, membership structures, academy functioning etc that ensures that our client’s overall development & project is financially successful.


Golf Audit & Review

We undertake audit of golf courses whereby we try and highlight areas for improvement for the golf course, help identify areas to save huge amount of expenses for the course, analyze ways & means to ensure optimize use of resources human, material and machines etc.